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Network cables: essential for success.

It is a must these days to have a dependable and effective network cable infrastructure in our highly connected world, where our daily activities heavily rely on connectivity.

Knowing the various cable kinds and their functions is essential whether you are managing a business or setting up a home network.

So in this post let’s look at cables - such as CAT6 Ethernet cables, outdoor Ethernet cables, Internet cables, and CAT6 data cables.

Ethernet Cables & Internet Cables

An Ethernet cable or an Internet cable, is what links all of your gadgets to the internet.

These cables are referred to in our industry as Cat5, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a, and so forth, up to Cat 8.

Yes, fibre optic cables can be used for internet connections, but I won't get into that in this blog post.

These cables (Cat5, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a ) are available in a variety of colours, lengths, armoured, foil or shielded wrapping (which reduces electromagnetic interference from surrounding sources).

Which Ethernet cable therefore do you select? Easy peasy, check your internet speed and what environment the cable needs to be in and of course your budget.

You wouldn’t want cat6 armoured cable indoors as it’s intended to be buried directly and for external use.

I will at the end of the blog put up the cable speed chart

Earlier I mentioned to check your internet speeds? If your connection is slower than 10 or 20 megabits per second, you can use anything Cat 5 or newer.

So lets have a look at the spec a bit more of Outdoor Ethernet Cables;

Outdoor Ethernet Cables (Outdoor Cat 6 & Cat 5 Cable)

Cat5e UTP External

Thinner, more flexible, less expensive

Suitable to run from building to building

UV resistant

Pure Copper Cores

Black PE outer sheath

Max Bandwidth 100Mhz

Cat6 UTP External

Excellent for outdoor environments but more expensive and thicker cable

External Grade

UV & Water resistant

Pure Copper Cores

Black PE outer sheath

Rip cord

Aluminium foil shielding

Max Bandwidth 500Mhz

Network Cable Network_WireWizards.tech_Hereford_Herefordshire_01432_HR1_HR2_HR3_HR6_HR8_HR9
Network Cable Network


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