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Purchasing a TP Link VPN Router ER605: Let's open one up.

Are you interested in purchasing a TP Link VPN Router?, We have a TP LINK router review just for you. The ER605 from TP Link.

What Does a VPN Router Do and What Does It Mean?

Virtual Private Network is referred to as VPN.

Why do I need a VPN, then?

Consider the possibility that if your connection is insecure, hackers could access whatever information you post online whether using Facebook, YouTube, or even merely to do your online shopping. You need a secure network connection, so how do we do that?

We will therefore implement a Private Network Access by using a TP link VPN to ensure your security.

How Does a VPN Router Work? It functions essentially the same as a standard router but also includes a piece of technology called a VPN Device. giving you a secure network connection as a result.

The cost of the TP-Link VPN router? It's at around 50, so not too bad (March 2023 prices).

Who needs a VPN? We have installed them here;

VPN for Remote Work Online (working from home)

After Covid hit, there has been a significant increase in people continuing to work from home.

You run the risk of unintentionally giving hackers access to your employer's networks and files if you visit company servers from your home computer using an unsecured internet connection. This is where we have installed VPN's.


We have reviewed it in this video for a CCTV installation. Why would a VPN be used for installing CCTV cameras?

Since our client wanted network security when using the CCTV's administrative interface online, we used the VPN.

Click to view the unboxing and review.

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